Welcome to the  the New York State Sociological Association

The New York State Sociological Association is dedicated to providing a space for sociologists, and those interested in sociology, to present their work and exchange ideas. We believe that the sociological perspective has much to contribute to understanding our world and working toward positive social change.

The organization holds an annual meeting at a different host school each year. Submissions are peer reviewed, and there is an award for the best undergraduate and graduate student paper. Past speakers at the conference have included former ASA president Ruth Milkman, ethnographer Elijah Anderson, Nancy Denton, and, most recently, Ellen Berrey.

We are actively seeking a host school for our next meeting. Please email jhoffman17@hilbert.edu if you have questions or potential interest in hosting the conference!

Membership in the organization is included in the registration for the annual conference, and that revenue goes toward the cost of the meeting and maintaining the website. New at this year's conference is the option to participate in a poster session which is designed to encourage undergraduate student participation.


We also sponsor a small, peer-reviewed journal, “The New York Sociologist”. The journal is published and archived on this website.


We particularly invite scholarly work and participation from those who are members of groups that do not sit at the nexus of power—students, untenured faculty, women, racially/ethnically minoritized groups, and LGBTQ individuals.

We welcome academics, professionals, students, and other interested parties to be part of our organization and exchange ideas.

Would you like to be involved in running the organization? Do you have a suggestion or question? Email 2020/2021 NYSSA president Jessica Hoffman at Jhoffman17@hilbert.edu.