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Hosting a Future NYSSA Meeting


Hosting a NYSSA meeting is a great way to connect with sociologists in nearby institutions, offer your students an affordable way to experience a professional conference, and to do high visible professional service.


If you are interested in hosting a future NYSSA meeting, please first look over this handy "Conference Hosting To Do List" to get an idea of what's involved.

The host from the previous year selects the next host school in consultation with NYSSA members who attend the business meeting (at the end of each NYSSA conference.) The conference has been in Western New York for several years. Priority will be given to a central or downstate schools with interest.


Some things to think about if you would like to host:


If selected, what would the theme for the NYSSA conference you host be?

By hosting, how do you envision promoting diversity and inclusion on the field of sociology? (Possible examples: Will junior faculty members be given clear credit for their contributions organizing? Will you have speakers that address diversity & inclusion related issues? Will you waive registration fees for undergraduates at your institution? Will your theme promote sociological consideration of the inequalities in society and the field of sociology?)

What else should the selection committee take into consideration in deciding the next host school (in other words, tell us why you, your school, and your location are awesome!)

Interested? Click below for the short hosting proposal form. Email completed proposals to NYSSA President Jessica Hoffman at with the filename and subject line "NYSSA Hosting Proposal_yourschoolname”


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