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The New York Sociologist

The Online Journal of the New York State Sociological Association

March 2010, Vol (4)

Table of Contents

Soul Murder, Social Death, and Humiliation: Consequences of State-sponsored Rape 

Stacey Rae Benner, St. John Fisher College  

The Cultural Pragmatics of AD/HD: Weaving Self, Situation, and Cultural Objects in Life Course Narratives

Paul C. Fuller, St. John Fisher College  

(De)Constructing Boundaries: Affective Economies, Biopolitics, and Drug Users

Kelly Szott, Syracuse University


Vilifying and Promoting Condoms: Condom Debate During the Time of AIDS in China

Tiantian Zheng, State University of New York, Cortland



Alternatives to the Traditional Criminal Justice System: An Assessment of Victim-Offender Mediation and Neighborhood Accountability Boards in the United States

Timothy McCorry, Buffalo State College



Paul Fuller, St. John Fisher College

Nicole Lamarre, S.U.N.Y. University @ Albany

Laura J. McClusky, Wells College

Tim McCorry, Buffalo State College

Michael I. Niman, Buffalo State College

Megan Rolfe, S.U.N.Y. University @ Albany

Kim Tauches, S.U.N.Y. University @ Albany

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