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The New York Sociologist

The Online Journal of the New York State Sociological Association

August 2020, Vol (8)

Table of Contents

Effects of Anti-Black Prejudice and Individualism on Government Support among U.S. College Students 

Lawrence M. Eppard, Shippensburg University, Troy Nazarenus, Shippensburg University, Lucas Everidge, Shippensburg University, Debbie Matesun, Shippensburg University




Covid-19: The Perfect Virus For Our Neoliberal Age

David Baronov

"We Are All In This Together” Some More Than Others

Tim Delaney


The COVID Crucible: Health and National Security in Failed States

Charles Geisler

Friendship and Physical Distancing

Tim Madigan

Hospitality in a Time of Social Distancing

Harry Murray


Social Suffering and Human Responsibility: Three Questions for Two Liberal Democracies

Devparna Roy


Vincent Servallo, Rochester Institute of Technology

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