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The New York Sociologist

The Online Journal of the New York State Sociological Association

March 2009, Vol (3)

Table of Contents

The Social Aspects of Sports Tailgating

Tim Delaney, SUNY Oswego

Social Institutions and Environmental Injustice: The Legacy of Racism in New York State and Buffalo, NY

Eric J. Krieg, Buffalo State College


The Press and the Modern Integration of Baseball

Joe Marren, Buffalo State College

Searching for a Musical Identity: The Changing Values of Contemporary Shakuhachi Players

Joshua M. Smith, Osaka University


There’s No Sorry in Roller Derby: A Feminist Examination of Identity of Women in the Full Contact Sport of Roller Derby

Carolyn E. Storms, University at Buffalo


The History of Defining Youth: Current Implications for Identifying and Treating Delinquent Youth

Robin M. Hartinger-Saunders, State University of New York at Fredonia




Laura J. McClusky, Wells College

Paul Fuller, St. John Fisher College

Tim McCorry, Buffalo State College

Michael I. Niman, Buffalo State College

Nicole LaMarre, SUNY Albany

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